Inspiring the world through iconic events.

We are an entertainment company that strives to build memorable business events.

Inspiring the world through iconic events.

Who we are

Who we are

Al-Rafia Company Ltd. was established in 2019 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and our first goal was to provide a new valuable addition to all our customers, so our priorities were innovation and the adoption of creative minds. We made the work environment like an incubator for business minds. Al-rafia provides event and exhibition management services to its clients in various government and private sectors, as well as the entertainment sector.

Al-rafia Company Ltd. owns all the modern equipment needed to hold various events, along with a group of cadres in various creative organizational, technical and technical disciplines. In addition to cooperation with sister companies and our allies, which leads to technical and technical integration and coordination between the elements and components of the management and implementation of effectiveness and the high level of quality and accuracy in implementation and adherence to the schedule.

We guarantee you a great experience that will always be present in your mind, based on its expertise and multiple experiences in the field of event management.

Our Vision

To be among the top-notch companies operating in MENA in the entertainment sector.

Our Mission

Creating and implementing event experiences with high quality and excellence.

Eternal Values


We are your consultant. That is why we always think of the results and the outcomes and strive to gather the necessary information and mix it with experience to design remarkable and spectacular events.


Quality is a vital key indicator that leads directly to success. Accordingly, we invest our efforts in implementing powerful strategies and techniques that ensure assembling a positive result.


Experience and knowledge are significant aspects. They enable us to achieve our vision. Therefore, we pursue learning and developing our techniques daily to create our space in this marvelous world.

Our team

The force behind the innovation and creativity lies in the hand of our passionate team of young Saudis. We trust our team and strive to make your events a success story. From initial concepts to final execution, we deliver foolproof groundwork to steer clear of any last-minute mishaps.

Hamad Alawad


Sameh Al-Najjar

General Manager

Sultan Alawad

Media Manager

Tariq Yaslm

Business Development Manager

Lama Al-Othman


Karim Magdy

Project Manager

Ahmed Ali

Production Manager

Abdul Rahman Azmy

Creative Director

Raed Hassan

3D Senior

Amr Abdel Khalek

Senior Graphic

Noura Al-Zahrani

Motion Graphic

Muhammad Al-Baqami

Graphic Designer

Ismail Saad

Accounting Manager

Ahmed Al-Shehri

HR Manager

Iconic events starts here.

We are an entertainment company that strives to build memorable business events.

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